The "Siena-Harpa" Project

Angel with viola a chiavi, Cappellina di Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy. Fresco by Taddeo di Bartolo, 1408.


On this site you will soon find documents and audio / video recordings dedicated to reconstructions of the "Viola a chiavi di Siena" (also called Siena-Harpa relating to the Swedish name "nyckelharpa" of this family of musical instruments).

The project was carried out in cooperation with my colleagues Jule Bauer and Didier François and with the luthier Alex Pilz.

Some pictures of our recording session in November 2021, in the beautiful 14th-century St. John's church of Hatzfeld (Hesse, Germany).

Measures of the Siena-Harpa by Alex Pilz
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This project was realized with the support of the Hessische Kultustiftung